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Program Costs

Fall program Sept 8th - Dec 15th


Intro to Ballroom II @ 7PM

 Intro to Ballroom I @ 8PM

Try the first class without obligation. Filling out registration page now is appreciated or after first class.

Tuition: Is reasonable and competitive. OYDC is a non-profit organization. Scholarships are available based on merit and need.
Contact administrator for more information at

Benefits of Ballroom Dance

  • Valuable to childhood and adolescent development in promoting self-esteem
  • Sets the stage for participation in an active lifestyle that continues as the individual ages
  • Teaches teamwork and goal setting, as well as learning how to accept victory and defeat
  • Promotes a sense of belonging to a group, which has been shown to foster respect for others
  • The accountability required decreases high-risk behaviors and increases positive academic outcomes 
  • Participation in "DanceSport" develops balance, grace, strength and cardiovascular fitness
  • Students learn sports ethics, social skills, and a healthy respect for the opposite sex
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