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About Us

  • To increase the quality and quantity of ballroom dance in our community and eventually develop excellence in Dance Sport for Oklahoma City and The State of Oklahoma

  • Provide an environment to introduce, promote, support and inspire ballroom dance for youth

  • Increase the number of Oklahoma youth involved in this athletic sport at competitive (DanceSport) and social levels    

  • Offer Oklahoma students the opportunity and path forward to compete for the USA Dance National Collegiate DanceSport Championship and ultimately World Games

We all move to our own rhythm but learning how to coordinate those rhythms with others is invaluable.  Recognizing that dance has always been a fundamental form of human self-expression we as dancers, educators and most importantly dance educators promote the art and athletics of ballroom dance that combines high level techniques, discipline and athletic skill of dance and sport.
  • Ballroom dance is a sport that offers true gender equality and of course promotes a lifelong healthy lifestyle. 

  • When combined with a knowledge base ballroom dance is a vehicle to promote many other complimentary objectives. 

  • Some of those other proven complimentary beneficial outcomes that will be taught in the Oklahoma Youth Dance Connections Programs are: social manners, discipline, self-confidence, team pride, sports ethics, music appreciation, mathematics, history, cultural awareness, emotional intelligence and a healthy respect for the opposite sex

  • Oklahoma Youth Dance Connections will help you find great quality professional dance instructors for social and competitive ballroom dancing.


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