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Oklahoma Youth Dance Connections

We offer a premier dance academy in Oklahoma City for youth to learn the art and athleticism of ballroom dance, what is called “DanceSport” today. Our goal is to provide a safe place and expert instruction for the youth to achieve results and strive to become better artists, athletes, confident individuals, and caring citizens with respect for the opposite sex.

Whether you seek the best training for social and competition dancing, or long-term investment in your child's personal development – Oklahoma Youth Dance Connections is the right place for you!​ Travel the dance world with us, enjoy social dancing, perform in front of the most supportive audiences, compete in glamorous competitions and train with champion instructors! We’ll save you a place on our dance card!
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Make new friends and experience the fun and benefits of ballroom dance!

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Find out more about our Ballroom Dance Program.


Summer and Fall Programs are now open for enrollment!

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